Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What you can control

There are things in this world you can control. You can take charge of the situation and make it (or try to make it) work out for you.

On the other hand, there are things in this world you can not control. There are times you just have to relax and accept that you have no control over the situation. It is what it is.

For example, I had a travel day yesterday where I was in control of the situation for less than 1/3 of the day. But that 1/3 made the 2/3 of the rest of the day no problem.

-Wake up early to ride the trainer (just in case I am not abale to ride when I get to Redlands).
-Prepare food/drink for the flight and day of travel (my food is better than airport food).
-Play with dogs and boy and enjoy the last hour at home (I love home).
-Drive to the airport, get there early to check in and to see my Dad (chill time=happy time).
-Board the plane.
-Sit on the plane for 2 hrs without ever leaving DIA (broken valve=something I can't control. Packed lunch= happy belly).
-Change planes
-Fly to CA (packed snack=happy belly, again) and ride with host Mom to Redlands.
-Arrive at 6:30pm to host house (no time to ride. Good thing I rode the trainer in the AM), go to dinner with teammates, grocery store, host house, bed time.

Thanks to my preparation in the morning, my "less than ideal" travel day, turned out to be no problem. I took control over what I could, didn't stress over what I couldn't control and it was a no problem day.

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  1. So what you're trying to say - is that as long as you have food on hand you'll be okay. Right? :)

    Amen to that! Good luck at Redlands.