Sunday, March 13, 2011

Race Tactics

I (Coach AP) am the mentor/coach of the Rocky Mounts Women's Cycling Team and I must say, it is very rewarding.  Before my first cycling race, 7 years ago, I had never even seen a bike race (other than the Tour de Frace on TV).  I had no idea about race tactics, training, or strategy. I was just excited to race hard and try to win.  Unfortunately, I had a lot to learn about racing and training before I was even able to think about winning a race.

It's for this reason, I am so happy to mentor the Rocky Mounts Women. On days like yesterday, when we go ride a local crit course together to practice race tactics, riding in a pack, and cornering skills, I am able to teach the women how to race as a team and, most of all, how to get the most FUN out of each race and ride together.

Now, when the team goes to their first race together, they'll not only know what to expect in the race, they'll have a plan on how to EXCEL during the race.  For me, that is a rewarding feeling.

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