Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Cycling Camp - Asheville Style

This past weekend, in Asheville, NC, was Fall Cycling Camp.   It was put on by coaches AP, and Robin Farina from Team Vera Bradley Foundation and Robin is out of Uptown Cycles in Charlotte.
Spin Tech Training in Asheville was our "home base".  
Each day started with an amazing breakfast spread.  From there we either talked bikes, training, racing, or general BS-ing or went for yoga at Lululemon.  That was followed by riding. 
Day 1 included a trip to the Asheville Mellowdrome for a skills session.
Day 2 was a "rolling" route where we were able to work on pacelines, attacking, and chasing.
Day 3 was the big daddy.  Climbing, descending, climbing, and descending.  We worked on skills and mental training.

At the top of climb two, this guy was waiting for us.  That is the biggest snake I have ever seens
Upon returning, after each ride, lunch was waiting for us.  We ate, chatted, stretched and chilled.

"Team" dinners provided bonding and a chance to a enjoy the day we had just had.  Not to mention the great Asheville food and restaurants.

It was a really great experience putting on this camp to teach and to show people how to get better. I had a great time and I think the campers did as well.

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