Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exciting Change

There is an exciting change going on here at ALP Cycles.  ALP Cycles Coaching and Coach AP have joined forces with FasCat Coaching. This merger will give athletes the extra knowledge and resources to become the best cyclist possible.

Now, as a FasCat athlete, you will be able to be coached, tested, fitted and treated like a star all in one place.  Not to mention getting to hangout and ride with your coach or any of the other great FasCat coaches.

This is an exciting merger.  FasCat will provide you with the coaching and ALP Cycles will provide you with the skills necessary to apply all that fitness.

You can improve your skills now with ALP Cycles.  Clinics coming up are-
-Women's Cyclocross Clinic in Boone, NC. Oct 16th 
-Women's Cycling Camp in Asheville, NC Oct 22-24th
-1:1 Skills Clinic, Boulder CO - Available upon request

E-mail Coach AP - - for more information.

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