Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things I've Learned

Even though I'm a coach, I'm still very much an athlete. I race bikes-professionally-on Team Vera Bradley Foundation.

Over and over again, I am learning that my own athletic success and challenges go hand in hand with my coaching business. What I learn as an athlete, I can pass on to my athletes. With this knowledge, they can either use that specific technique or tip to get better and ride faster or they can avoid the mistake all together and still learn from it.

This past week, I competed in the USA National Championships. Overall, it was a pretty big let down for me. A lot of build up and all kinds of specific preparation and no results to write home about.

However, I learned A LOT.
I continued to learn about time trialing tactics and mental toughness during a race.
I learned about course inspection
I continue to learn about disappointment
I re-learned how fun it is when your team rides and races like a complete unit
I re-learned how frustrating it is when your team does not ride like a complete unit
I learned more about training and what needs to be done at the top level
I learned what I can do better as an athlete
I learned what I do well as an athlete

8 things. 8 items I learned and can now pass on to each and every athlete I coach. That's a pretty good deal.

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