Saturday, June 5, 2010

ALP Random Tips-Listed

ALP Random Tip #12-Learn your weaknesses so you can maximize your strengths.

ALP Random Tip #34- To race well in a time trial, one must train well on their time trial bike.

ALP Random Tip #76- do more than just ride your bike. Don't forget about your core, your active recovery techniques, and your flexibility.

ALP Random Tip #80- Nutrition is just as important as training.

ALP Random Tip #34- Learn from your mistakes.

ALP Random Tip #24- Train smarter not harder.

ALP Random Tip #21- Learning to pedal with a high cadence makes you a more efficient bike rider.

ALP Random Tip #26- There are going to be days when you don't feel good and/or fast. It's ok.

ALP Random Tip#19- Ride different bikes (ie. road, mtn, cross, singlespeed). It challenges the mind and the body and creates "freshness".

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