Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting the numbers

Coach Alison had a chance to go to Boulder Center for Sports Medicine for some fitness testing.

Being a bit of a workout masochist, Coach Alison kind of likes the testing. It brings out the best in her as she wants to do her personal best to get the best data possible. She gets to learn a lot about her body and how her training is coming along.

The tests included a Lactate Profile, VO2 max, and Windgate to determine peak power for 30 seconds.
The Lactate Profile test gradually ups the watts every 3 minutes until you can no longer pedal anymore. After each three minutes, you have to provide a small blood sample to determine what your blood lactate is (i.e. finger prick).
The VO2 max tests determines how efficient your body is a using oxygen. Again, you pedal as long as possible as the watts are slowly added.

After the testing, Coach Alison learned that though she has a decent base of fitness, she has some work cut out for her (ie training) for next season.

This testing was very motivating and a great workout during a cold, snowy day here in Colorado.

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