Friday, October 2, 2009

Pay attention to the warning signs

Your body, just like anything else, has ways to communicate. Learn to listen to the warning signs before it gets too late.

For example-
Warning sign #1 - after a short ride a saddle sore shows up.
#2- start to feel crooked on bike.
#3- crash in CX race then sit in the car for 12 hours.
#4- power to the pedals just doesn't feel there. Still feel crooked on the bike.
#5- left knee starts to hurt.

I knew after warning sign #1, I should have gone to the Chiropractor, but I was/still am cheep. So, I ignored my body's signs that things were not right. It took until my left knee hurt to walk and still hurt while riding.

Today, I went to the Chiropractor and half of my lower body muscles were "shut off". I was crooked, weak, and sore. I have learned (again) my lesson. I will listen to my body and what it has to say.

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